Who we are

NGO Alliance is national coalition of local NGOs and children/youth groups working throughout the country with and for children of Azerbaijan in order to make their voices stronger and be heard. NGO Alliance has a long history of development starting in 2000 when many local NGOs and children’s groups came together to get prepared for the participation at the UN General Assembly’s Special Session for Children that took place in May 2002 in New York. Very soon Alliance became the participant and contributed more than 1 mln pledges to the Global Movement for Children World campaign. Presently, NGO Alliance has 59 members – NGOs and children/youth groups working with children. Through its programs and activities, Alliance covers almost all regions of country. The main priority areas of work includes child rights protection, child rights education, children’s health, social and cultural rights of children, children with special needs and disabilities, child labor, child trafficking, violence against children, exploitation of children and sexual abuse.
In 2002, Alliance became the member of the NGO/UNICEF Regional Network for Children in CEE, CIS & Baltic States, which brings together national coalitions from 27 countries of the region. Being the part of this network, Alliance participated at the Intergovernmental Conferences on Region Fit for Children in Berlin and Sarajevo in 2002 and 2004 and contributed to their work. In 2003 Alliance became the national partner of UNICEF and European Commission in regional project on Leave No Child Out Campaign and contributed to the campaign through following activities:

  • Alliance produced one-minute films made by children and devoted to children’s rights considered by the campaign;
  • Alliance organized the nation-wide contest of child drawings and posters related to the issues raised by LNCO Campaign. As the result of this campaign, the bilingual (Azeri and English) manual on LNCO and its topics had been produced and disseminated among government and NGOs;
  • In June 2003, Alliance organized the 1st National Conference on Children’s Issues that highlighted the problems in the different areas and also achievements made by government agencies and NGOs in building Azerbaijan Fit For Children;
  • Alliance organized the year-long campaign on child rights education and provided 50 different trainings and seminars for children, teachers, central and local authorities, NGOs on child rights as well as produced the special training manuals for NGOs and teachers and learning kit for children on child rights.

As the end of yearlong campaign, NGO Alliance achieved to bring together the representatives of government ministries, NGOs, media, children and organized 1st National Conference on Children in Azerbaijan that came along with Exhibition of NGOs and their activities in child rights during the LNCO Campaign. Conference was attended by Ministers of Education, Culture, Youth, Sport and Tourism, Commissioner for Human Rights of Azerbaijan Republic, Ministry of Justice representatives, deputies of National Parliament, by over than 60 NGOs and 1000 children. The conference was preceded by March of Children and NGO representatives in main streets of the capital city voicing their rights and holding the banners.

During the 2003-2005 NGO Alliance organized 50 meetings gathering its members together to discuss wide range of issues relating to the situation with child rights and LNCO Campaign. Since 2003, Azerbaijan NGO Alliance for Child Rights has been coordinated by Reliable Future Youth Organization (served a secretariat of Alliance), as the president of the organization was selected as National Coordinator of NGO Alliance.

Become the Nation-Wide Voice for Children In Azerbaijan Goals and objectives at national level:

  • To advocate on behalf of children by raising awareness about the CRC;
  • To promote and facilitate the full implementation of the Convention through specific programs and actions;
  • To facilitate the flow of information between the Committee on the Rights of the Child of UN and national NGOs and public;
  • To facilitate the cooperation and information sharing among NGO community, INGOs, UN Agencies on monitoring and implementing the Convention,
  • To draw up policies and strategies and undertake actions in fields covered by Convention;
  • To enhance the NGO engagement nationally with the Child Rights and Human Rights issues for the benefit of children;
  • To promote the participation of children in decision making process,
  • To further promote the active involvement and participation of Azerbaijan in Global Movement for Children;

Alliance work to meet its objectives, and tasks:

  • Contribute to the implementation of outcomes of Millennium Summit
  • Contribute to the objectives and goals of the UN Special Summit for Children;
  • Contribute to the work of UN and in a partnership with UN the protection and development of children and women;
  • Promote the wider education of CRC throughout the country;
  • Promote the public involvement, including NGOs, community members in decision-making process concerning the children and child rights;
  • To strengthen the NGO Alliance as an organization;
  • Promote the public involvement, including NGOs, community members in decision-making process concerning the children and child rights;
  • Enforce the integration and further cooperation of all members of Alliance within existing and new activities and programs;
  • Promote the active involvement of regional organizations and activities in regions;
  • Support the dialogue with government, INGOs and UN agencies regarding the child rights and child issues;
  • Promote the participatory discussions and public debates on child issues;
  • Provide the research activities in certain priority areas in field of child rights in Azerbaijan,
  • Provide the NGO Alternative Reports and information to UN CRC Committee on the situation of children and implementation of CRC in country;
  • Attract the attention of government bodies to particular problems and issues of major concern in fields of child rights in Azerbaijan,
  • Spread the activities of members to other regions of country;
  • Enable each member to take active role in activities of Alliance;
  • Enforce the activities of members on protection of children rights;
  • Promote the building up the unique information space on children and women rights and development issues;
  • Promote the wider educational activities on children and women rights in country at all levels
  • Promote the active participation of Alliance in decision-making processes relating to children and women issues.

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