Bulgarian 116 111 Child Helpline – Child Participation Methodology

CP Methodology in PDF 

Dear Colleagues,

Animus Association Foundation is a public-benefit NGO that operates the Bulgarian National Child Helpline 116 111. The organization is a CHI associate member and has been running the child helpline since its launch in 2009 by the Bulgarian State Agency for Child Protection which owns and monitors the service. More than 450 000 calls have been received so far and the number of calls over the last two years has been over 100 000 per year. A team of 14 trained counselors accept the calls on a 24-hour basis,  while the work is assisted by a coordinator, an assistant coordinator, regular supervision and ongoing training.

A recent EU-funded project entitled “Strengthening Children’s Voices in EU Society through Child Helplines”, coordinated by Animus Association Foundation, brought together in a successful partnership the 116 111 child helplines in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the UK. In cooperation with children and adolescents, the project set the framework and developed a child participation methodology which currently ensures the necessary conditions for children’s voices to be heard at 5 Eastern European child helplines.

We would now like to present to you the child participation methodology which is the major output of our common project. The project built on the experience with child participation of our associate partner – ChildLine, UK and by adapting the approach to the national context in individual countries, elaborated a methodology that now allows children in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to participate in the evaluation and improvement of services offered at the 116 111 child helplines in the above countries.

The child participation methodology is a useful piece of reading for any service working with and for children, as well as an effective tool for ensuring child participation in the development of child helpline services.

Kind Regards,

Violina Kirova

International Programs Expert

Animus Association Foundation
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